The Marquis: progress

Trying different collars…

And I’ve changed the position of his arm. The straight arm looked fine from the side, but not so much from the front. Also, I made his arms bare and then put the ‘fabric’ over the top, but I think they were initially too skinny and now I’m getting a bit lost. Might have to take the clay off and start again.

In other news, I’m doing an ecorche workshop in April with sculptor Jason Arkles. I’ve wanted to do ecorche for ages, so am really looking forward to it. If I decide to remake the arms I’ll wait until after the workshop!

2 thoughts on “The Marquis: progress

  1. What a splendid creature. I especially love the shots against the ivy – he looks as if he just strode into the courtyard of a manor he’s about to reinhabit. I think I like the second collar variant, also, to complement the shape of the coattails. Violin-marquis.

    Excited for you to get to go to the ecorche workshop! I hope you blog about what you learn. I’ve been looking here and there for watercolor workshops, but haven’t been able to find anything quite relevant.

    • I’m rather dithering about the collar, as I like the turn-down of the first and the curves of the second, so may try a third — he could end up with a stack of collars like Beau Brummell’s failed cravats.
      > a manor he’s about to reinhabit
      I thought so too! I rather want a stage set for him. There’s a fine line between sculptures and dolls sometimes…

      I hope the right watercolour workshop comes along! I think it’s been a couple of years since I started looking for ecorche here.

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