5 thoughts on “Cascade Gallery New Work

  1. It’s an awesome show (went today for Art Open show opening). Love your sculptures! Especially enjoyed the Fantastic Anybodies. If the gallery wasn’t so full I would’ve sat there drawing them. Love their lines, their Dandy-ness, their total self absorption as they parade themselves. They scream out “Look at me! Look at me!” Also enjoyed the inward looking figures of Gary and the tall bunny with arms wrapped around his torso. Beautifully juxtaposed figures. Well done.

    • Thanks Wahibe, and if by any chance you’re reading this, sorry for taking so long to reply. I haven’t been back here in a while. The Anybodies are now practising social distancing, and the melancholy bunny is comforting himself with memories of Paris in the spring.

  2. Oh! Just realised I’m writing about a completely different show 🤭 I went to Cascade a Gallery in Maldon today. Looking forward to reading your books.

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