New Work

Two new bronze pieces, “Lovers’ Lane” and “Bluebird”. When I first made the model for Lovers’ Lane it wasn’t holding anything, just gesturing in the air — then eventually the second mask came along. Bluebird’s colour is a pigmented patina. I want to get some better photos, but these will do for now.

4 thoughts on “New Work

    • Thanks! I was trying for the feeling of lightness. When they’re skinny like this it can be surprising how much they actually weigh.

  1. Such joy! Lovers’ Lane would have been wonderfully graceful even without the implied lover, but I love the ambiguity of his narrative now: contemplating self? contemplating an absent or imagined other?

    And Bluebird just makes me feel so light of heart. Beautiful turquoise patina.

    • I like it when they can inspire different stories. My version is that he found the mask down a lane and now they’re getting to know each other. I’m planning a second edition in coloured patinas, of which a couple will probably have Bluebird’s colouring (or a paler version thereof) on the clothes.

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