WIP: Velvet Time

This piece is a planned one of three. It comes out of me thinking about who we are when we’re asleep. The rising part was going to be just a ribbon, but I think it’ll look better as twisted drapery. I wanted to use the strength of bronze to make a piece with a heavy part held up by a slender part — trying to get a floating effect. She’ll have human hands to go with her human feet. I’ll probably make the other two pieces and get them to this stage before going further with this one as I’ll want their poses to work as a threesome.





Deakin Small Sculpture Award

Just had some delightful news — Beau has been selected as a finalist (complete list here) in the 2016 Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award.

The exhibition of finalists runs from 8 June to 15 July with the official opening on Thursday 16 June, at Deakin University Art Gallery, Building FA Holland Avenue (entrance 1 from Burwood Hwy) Deakin University, Melbourne.

Beau can also be found at the Bridget McDonnell Gallery, 130 Faraday St., Carlton, Melbourne.

“Beau (the Boulevardier of Broken Dreams)”
Bronze, edition of 20

Beau three angles 2


Backyard roo


This lone male kangaroo has been hanging out in my parents’ garden and places nearby. I took the pic while he was focused on eating. When I tried to get a better shot he saw me and looked like he might hop off, so rather than bother him further I made do with this one.


Beau and Crows at Bridget McDonnell Gallery

Exciting news — Beau and the pair of crows, The Silent One & The Noisy One, are now at the Bridget McDonnell Gallery (130 Faraday St., Carlton, Vic 3053, Australia; phone (613) 9347 170; email: [email protected] )


Two Crows06