Noah’s Raven?

The more I hack away at this the more I like it. Might pick and fiddle a bit more but I think it’s pretty much done.



Rough crow

I made this one on a kind of imperative impulse. I like the shape and the rough texture, though the latter has deep nooks and crannies that I doubt will be mouldable, so that I’ll either have to fill them in somewhat or let it be a one-off piece cast straight from the model. I also like the way it looks reminiscent of a funeral barque when lying down — a carryin’ crow. One side of the face is moulded, the other carved away. Perhaps the filled-in side should be a bit more abstract, or carved away too, maybe with the carving going towards the back of the head — I’m still deciding.




WIP: Crows

This guy is a commission — he’s a crow pleurant, a pleurant being a robed mourning figure on a tomb. He’s life-size, with the feet separate for casting reasons. I made the robe out of hard Castilene, without armature. I’m trying for a rough, windswept and desolate look!




Making the big crow has got me interested in crows in general, hence these two. First came the Silent One, then the Noisy One. As a pair I think they work best on the tall posts, so I’ll probably go that way with them, though as individuals I also like them on the shorter posts, and they’re more desk/shelf friendly. I might make another — perhaps a raven to go on a writing desk.

Silent One

Two Crows01

Two Crows02




Looked out the windows and everything’s pale glowing yellow, TV tuned to a channel with a beautifully wonky colour balance — one of those weird and magical tropical evenings.


Garden growing

The garden’s starting to look quite grown-up now:


Not a lot of flowers at present, except for the mussaendas, which last a long time. They’ve wandered up into the frangipani — one’s about 8 ft tall:



Faun and Plague Ducktor

Just got some Fauns in antique brown back from the foundry. I really like this colour on this piece. He’ll be available on my Etsy soon, and the Plague Ducktor is back too, ready to do battle with the Black Death once more.