Maldon Art Walk

“Lovers’ Lane” (previous post) is in this year’s Maldon Art Walk, from 16-31 March, in which the streets of the historic town will display over 40 artists’ work in shop windows and public venues. Debra  Goldsmith and Heather Ellyard are featured guest artists.  The opening is at 5pm on 16th March at the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre, corner of Church and Edwards streets, and there’s a twilight guided tour on 23rd March at 6pm (details here). Many thanks to lovely Maison Maldon for hosting my work!


New Work

Two new bronze pieces, “Lovers’ Lane” and “Bluebird”. When I first made the model for Lovers’ Lane it wasn’t holding anything, just gesturing in the air — then eventually the second mask came along. Bluebird’s colour is a pigmented patina. I want to get some better photos, but these will do for now.


Maldon Art Show

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be guest artist at this year’s Maldon Art Exhibition, “Winter in Wonderland”. Presenting work in a variety of media by Central Victorian artists, the exhibition is at the Community Centre Hall in Francis Street in the lovely historic town of Maldon, Victoria, July 7th-15th from 11am-4 pm, entry $2. Opening night is on Friday 6th July at 6 pm. The show takes place during the Maldon in Winter festival — check out Maldon’s page for all the good things going on!  (https://www.maldon.org.au/maldon-in-winter/).


New bronze

Here are the Fabulous Anybodies finished — I had to thicken their legs a bit — and Not a Sausage, and the model for another piece, Birthday Boy:


Finished models

The Fabulous Anybodies and Not a Sausage are finished. They’ll be small editions of between 6 and 8. The second Anybody decided to forgo the fan, as it was a bit cumbersome and hid too much of the hood. I’ll probably do one of each in brown and one in a lighter colour like green, then see about the rest.


The Marquis: progress

Trying different collars…

And I’ve changed the position of his arm. The straight arm looked fine from the side, but not so much from the front. Also, I made his arms bare and then put the ‘fabric’ over the top, but I think they were initially too skinny and now I’m getting a bit lost. Might have to take the clay off and start again.

In other news, I’m doing an ecorche workshop in April with sculptor Jason Arkles. I’ve wanted to do ecorche for ages, so am really looking forward to it. If I decide to remake the arms I’ll wait until after the workshop!


WIP: The Marquis

I’ve been enlarging the Marquis. He’s about 40 cm tall. His coat’s proving a challenge — I’ve been trying more folds in the fabric, but having trouble making more complex shapes work with the figure from different angles. My next attempt will be basically this shape with some subtle little ripples. But first I think I’ll do his arms and collar properly. (I’m sure the wrinkles in the sleeves will have their own chance to drive me nuts. 😉 )