Wigs In Space

A few weeks ago I was playing with AI image generation, and ended up writing a parody sci-fi serial around some of the pictures. I made some more images to fit specific scenes, which was rather more difficult, and posted the result as Wigs In Space on Tumblr — perhaps not the best place for it, but I already had an account and the posting format was suitable. I had fun making this thing, but have had enough of AI for now. I enjoyed it more as a toy than a tool, as it seems to have no understanding of 3D space or individual objects.

Anyway, here’s Wigs In Space episode 1, with links to the other episodes.



This fellow was originally playing a flute, and as he neared completion I put him away in a box, largely I think because I could see the process of producing an edition being fraught with difficulty. When I took him out recently to work on him again, I realised that not only would he be easier to cast if he was playing (hare) bells, he would look better too. I now need to alter his arms and hands, but it will be worth it. I’ve also been fiddling with an arrangement of cravat and shirt ruffles, which might end up getting moulded separately and stuck on in the wax stage.