The return of Gary

Gary, my very first sculpture, will be coming back in bronze (with his arm joined to his body). Working on the waxes now.  I’ll decide on the edition size once these are cast and I see how they look.

Original Gary:









Sun & Moon hares

They’re finished, the other waxes are finished — 5 sets of dancing hares and 2 pairs of silent and noisy crows, and we’re all off to the foundry tomorrow — yay! I reinforced the new hares with harder wax, a bit of wooden skewer inside, and as you can see, more skewers outside. I think they’ll hold. Fingers crossed. They don’t fit in any of my boxes, so I think I’ll have to put them in a suitcase, carried flat.

After that I’m going to take a few days off. This work can be physically demanding, and my arm’s a bit sore. Tai chi and frequent short breaks help, but it needs a proper rest. On the up side, the fritter burn healed fine and I’m still keen on frying. There’s a simple yet satisfying sense of accomplishment when things come out golden and crispy and ready to eat.



These two bigger hares are rather more trouble than the three small ones. For casting’s sake I’m trying to kind of tidy up the wax while still keeping a spontaneous look, and it’s surprisingly fiddly. They’re generally unwieldy, and with the dark wax I have to wear glasses to see what I’m doing. Also, their long skinny torsos are worryingly bendy. The armature wire I used was too soft. I’ve tried replacing the wax with hard Castilene, which wasn’t hard enough, and now harder wax, which still doesn’t seem sufficiently rigid. Next stop, epoxy. I’ve only ever used it for repairing a garden statue, not for modelling, so I’ll have to give it a trial run. Or try and stiffen that part of the armature with steel wire — since I’ll have to remove the wax I might as well try that.


WIP: Sun Hare

Well, I’ve tidied up the model. It doesn’t show at all in the picture, but basically I went over every inch of it filling in sundry holes and deep cracks and taking off lumpy bits I didn’t like while improving the lumpy bits I did like. So while it’s going to look like I just slapped the wax on, I didn’t. Now I’m wondering if the figure is just a bit too skinny. I’ll make the other one and then see, but it might want a bit more wax on the very thin bits. If I leave it like this, and even if I don’t, I think I’ll have to replace the midsection with harder wax, as the armature is bending. I can hold it in place with barbecue skewers, but the more solid the better.


Wax, wax everywhere

Or everyhare. I decided to complete the editions of the three hares (First Dance), so I’ve got 24 of the fragile little blighters to tidy up. The foundry’s done most of it, including all those supporting skewers, but I like to go a little further to keep work on the metal to a minimum. I brought them home in foam boxes so that I can work on them at my own pace and with aircon — better for me and them!

Also making some bigger friends for them — sun and moon hares. Not very good pics but you get the idea.  The sun and moon will intersect when they’re placed close together.



Not a Sausage

The pig’s perspective. Will probably tinker a little more, but this one’s pretty much done. Along with Delicate Donkey and the Marquis, this is a small piece, around 22 cm/8.5″). Edition will probably be 8 or 12, and I think I’ll try out a pale patina.


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Little by little

The Marquis:

Delicate Donkey lifts a hoot. I wasn’t quite happy with his pose, but when I put him back on his support rod his foot was lifted a little, and now I think it looks right.