Figuring out…

With the yard for the road, neighbour’s fence for the parapet and a ladder for a horse, figuring out how much the characters can actually see. Conclusion: if they’re near the parapet they could probably see down to the river, and if they’re in the middle of the road probably not, which suits me as I don’t really want to do a full view of the city here.

Off to the foundry tomorrow — early start to try and beat the traffic. Supervising welding and patina, and hopefully I’ll come home with some rabbits and ravens.


Another Plague Doctor

I’ve got another slightly discounted Plague Doctor bird on Etsy. He has a little blob of metal in his eye — maybe a plague boil?

I’m picking up new stock from the foundry on Saturday. Can’t remember which pieces, though there should be some snails.



Neeble: the last little bit. Expected to take 2 hours, actually takes all day and half the night.
Neeblefutting: completing the neeble.

Everyone in the fridge before going to the foundry:


WIP Rabbits

Morning, evening, midnight…


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Sleep of Monsters on Etsy

The dark brown version (#2/15) of The Sleep of Monsters is available on Etsy now. He’s about 14.5 cm tall including the base, which is black granite. The stony tan one will be online soon, as will Beau and the two crows (The Silent One and The Noisy One), though at present the crows will be for order only.

I’m offering a $50 discount (coupon code UX4490ZU, expires 15 January 2017) to readers of this website, with a minimum purchase of USD $450. That’s The Sleep of Monsters’ price, though if you happened to buy $450 worth of other things it would also work 😉



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