All the Snowmen

British Channel 4’s 1982 animated adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman, with David Bowie doing the introduction. (That barn owl…)


New Bowie single, album

Was looking up David Bowie because it’s his birthday. After a quiet ten years he’s put out a new song, Where Are We Now?, ahead of an album, The Next Day, to be released in March.

A good start to the year if ever there was one.



The Bible-black grave

I’ve had a bit of a thing for dark and spooky country music ever since I was a kid listening to Johnny Cash at my grandparents’ place and I heard Ghost Riders in the Sky. Of course, let it not be forgotten that Australia’s favourite folk song is a yarn, frequently set to sweet and swollen strings with the national flag flying in the background, about a bloke who drowns himself rather than be caught for stealing a sheep (and whose ghost lingers on, pining eternally for the sheep, a magnificent ram with balls like this. Anyway…)

Christian Read turned me on to Ghoultown, from which I waltzed to some other bands in the gothic country vein, or whatever you call it. Here’s 13 variously melancholy, vengeful and batshit songs that I recently found and liked:

Sons of Perdition:
Blood in the Valley (I can’t stop listening to this)
All He Wants Is My Blood
Burial at Sea

Those Poor Bastards:
Sick and Alone
Swallowed By Sin (my new favourite song for in the shower)
Glory Amen (Hallelujaaargh!)
At the Crossroads

Walkin Through the Desert (with a crow)
Drink with the Living Dead
These guys get harder and more metall-y, but I like their country-horror stuff.

Lonesome Wyatt and Rachel Brooke:
Someday I’ll Fall
Crippled Farms

Redwest (spaghetti western metal!):
Fistful of Dollars

And I might have to post another 13 soon.

Band/artist websites
Sons of Perdition (one man band, Zebulon Whatley)
Those Poor Bastards (two man band, Lonesome Wyatt and The Minister)
Lonesome Wyatt
Rachel Brooke