New folks

Working on pieces to cast next year. I don’t know if those coat tails can be moulded. If not, rather then tidy them up, I’ll probably make an individual coat for each piece in the edition, as I like the messy look — I’m trying to keep a sketchy quality in these pieces.



Elizabeth Bowen quotes

Des Lewis’s extensive collection of Elizabeth Bowen quotes, starting here:

Elizabeth Bowen Quotes (1)

Her novel The Death of the Heart is one of my favourite books, but I must admit I’ve only finished one or two others and failed to get into a couple more. I wish that wasn’t the case, but with the exception of The Death of the Heart I keep finding her characters ungrippable, which tends to be a dealbreaker for me unless elements other than character are to the fore of a book.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the quotes on their own.

And I recommend The Death of the Heart to anyone who likes fine characterisation, wordsmithing and evocation of place.


Free shipping on limited brass

Just a note — I’ve extended free shipping on Etsy to limited edition brass pieces as well as bronze – that’s Faun, It Was Rabbit, and Crazy Hat Lady.

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Gary finished

Here he is!
“Gary”, bronze, edition of 6, height 17 cm.




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These are the new Garys at the foundry. They’ll be darker once they’re waxed, but this is basically what they look like. There’ll only be six of him, as the mould (made elsewhere) doesn’t produce great waxes, so that I have to do a fair bit of fiddly work on them. But I really wanted him to have a new lease of life and I’m happy with the result.




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Garden rearrangement

I thought the garden might have attained its final shape, but realised that the frangipani is probably shading the mussaendas too much now that it’s all grown up. The white mussaendas seemed to be happier in the frangipani shade than the pink ones, so I’ve left them there and moved the pink ones off to the walls — and suddenly there’s space again! Hopefully they’ll stop growing straggly to reach light now and get on with flowering.

Also, I’m pretty sure our lizard is a chameleon. It looks just like this one. Haven’t seen it with its colour changed — but I guess that’s the point!