Crow Pleurant finished

Finished at last. I’m proud of him.  There’s been no shortage of work for a mourning bird this year. May next year be less grim.






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5 thoughts on “Crow Pleurant finished

  1. So very appropriate for this year. Now i have dreams of an exhibition mourning the events of this year, with work like your crow pleurant acting like the late medieval mourners (the sculptures, not the people).

    1. The people are interesting though, from what I’ve read. The idea of going to a monastery and being treated as dead to the world. (I’m sure I read this, but now can’t find the article.)

      1. That’s a different thing, but yes, amazing idea. I now need to give you my favourite set of mourners. I’ll email it. There are many, many sculptures in the series and I didn’t see them all, but what I did see is yours.

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