WIPs: Fabulous anybodies

The one with the blindfold has found a friend with a fan:

This one needed a bow on its hat. And tiny little fingers. The two up top will have an indication of fingers but not separate ones like this, except for thumbs.

4 thoughts on “WIPs: Fabulous anybodies

  1. Fabulous Anybodies! I imagine they occasionally travel together in a caravan with a lot of black velvet in/on it, and that their conversation sounds like muffled twittering and distant hooting, interspersed with long periods of silence… am I anywhere near the mark?

    And, how do you apply color to these guys?

    • Definitely the soft twittering and hooting. They are delighted with the black velvet caravan and want it for special missions, such as leaving marvellous cakes in the middle of distant stone circles. Some of their other conveyances are delicate contraptions with lace curtains and veils and trains…like brides, they say, only faster.
      I’m investigating ways to do the colour. I think I’ll try a green-white patina on the top two, with some areas whiter and others greener.

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