New Work

Two new bronze pieces, “Lovers’ Lane” and “Bluebird”. When I first made the model for Lovers’ Lane it wasn’t holding anything, just gesturing in the air — then eventually the second mask came along. Bluebird’s colour is a pigmented patina. I want to get some better photos, but these will do for now.

5 thoughts on “New Work

  1. Such joy! Lovers’ Lane would have been wonderfully graceful even without the implied lover, but I love the ambiguity of his narrative now: contemplating self? contemplating an absent or imagined other?

    And Bluebird just makes me feel so light of heart. Beautiful turquoise patina.

    • I like it when they can inspire different stories. My version is that he found the mask down a lane and now they’re getting to know each other. I’m planning a second edition in coloured patinas, of which a couple will probably have Bluebird’s colouring (or a paler version thereof) on the clothes.

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